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Effective Eco-Friendly Solutions to Environmental Challenges
Effective Eco-Friendly Solutions to Environmental Challenges

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Company Highlights

  • We offer only environmentally safe products.
  • Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with virtually any environmental issue
  • Our product range covers many different applications 
  • Our products have been used for bioremediation worldwide
  • Our products are reasonably priced and available in convenient sizes
  • Above all, we value your business!

ICECO product portfolio contains several lines of high quality and unique cleaning products.


Our EnviroCLEAN line of products is designed and formulated for the cleaning and bioremediation of hydrocarbon based products such as oil, gasoline and diesel fuel. These products use proprietary microbes to digest the fuels and convert them to their component parts.


Our Grease Grabber product line is targeted at the food processing industry and utilizes a different set of microbes to digest organic oils and greases.

About ICECo

Industrial Chemical & Environmental has been a "hands on" company since the beginning.  We provide the best sales, service and support the industry has to offer.. "The sale" is not the end of the relationship; it's actually just the start! ICECO values our clients, and will always be at the ready to assist them in a prompt and professional fashion.


Bioremediation is a big word for a relatively simple and straight forward method to naturally and safely remove petroleum based pollutants from the environment.

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