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Effective Eco-Friendly Solutions to Environmental Challenges
Effective Eco-Friendly Solutions to Environmental Challenges


GreaseGrabber Grease Trap Energizer

GreaseGrabber Grease Trap Energizer is a combination of all-natural vitamins, nutrients and essential minerals. Every grease trap has naturally-occurring microbes present, but the conditions are harsh and the microbes become sluggish and die.


GreaseGrabber Grease Trap Energizer actually energizes the grease trap by creating an environment where the microbes can grow and thrive to consume FOG and transform it into carbon dioxide and water. Grease Trap Energizer re-stimulates and revitalizes the entire system, so digestion and efficiency are increased and maximized as well as reducing the FOG, Total Suspension Solids (“TSS”) and Biological Oxygen Demand (“BOD”) levels. Regular use of Grease Trap Energizer will greatly reduce the required servicing of the grease trap. A well maintained grease trap will also reduce food sources for vermin.

Who can benefit from GreaseGrabber Grease Trap Energizer?


  • Bakeries
  • Delis
  • Canneries
  • Dairies
  • Meat Packaging Plants
  • Any facility that utilizes grease traps

Grease Trap Prior to Treatment

Grease Trap after Treatment

Powerful – Eliminates fats, oils and greases (“FOG”) in grease traps


Effective – Reduces grease-trap pumping.


Versatile – Reduces insects and odors while eliminating back-ups.


Safe – Neutral pH and all-natural ingredients.


GreaseGrabber Grease Trap Energizer can be purchased in convenient sizes